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30 November
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Eehhh what can I say ^^;

I love Wolf's Rain XDD

Have my own OC for it, Maxine. If you wish to know more, message me ^^

I support the pairings:


TsumeXHige (Yes I'm weird like that) XP

Wants to cosplay Tsume, Hige, and Toboe.

Working on Tsume's now.

My fav characters have to be Tsume and Hige <33

Any questions? Message me ^^

I do have a life outside Wolf's Rain but i'm too lazy to type all of it at the moment..

Okay, typing more..since there is more to me ^^;

umm..i'm 22..Love to cosplay, even though I don't have many costumes under my belt..well any costumes I have I don't have them anymore..

uhh..characters I have done, Reno (FF7), Paine-white mage (FF X-2 ), Integra (Hellsing) , and Akabane (Get Backers)

I want to be a video game designer, designing characters, weaponry, backgrounds, etc..

Maybe one day I'll publish a book too..I have an idea or two..

The first anime to get me started in the world of Japanimation? Sailor Moon. Then Dragon Ball Z..geezz I was appalled at that Dragon Ball Evolution movie..I didn't ever wanna see it..ughh..and now a Death Note movie with Zac Efron as Light..*sighs* It's scary..but the sad thing is, agreeing with a friend, that it will work..

At my last high school I started an anime club but didn't have enough time to develop it, since I graduated..I only had half a year pretty much..but we did promote it ^^ Dressing as characters from FF7..no one will EVER see those photos!! XDD Man I had to wear a freakin' suit the whole damn day.. ^^;;

I love yaoi..*points to user name* Yeah ^^;; I'm guilty of writing some myself..and attempting some art..but failing XDD

I love to RP!! <33

Fav bands/music: Green Day, Fall out Boy, Panic at the Disco

I love video games!! *cough* Nerd *cough* XDD Zelda especially <33 I own an N64 and Game cube currently..My PS2 got stolen..*sigh* Gamecube did too..the one I currently have is currently broken/warped (laying in my room somewhere..) so the one I'm using is my friends..

I was insane when I was younger, slipping and sliding across ice for the fun of it, running in front of cars waving my arms then jump the hell outta the way, dancing like an idiot in the school courtyard, I could tell lots of stories..but I won't ^^; I still can be pretty insane at times..

I'm usually good with giving advice, seeing as i've been through tons of crap..soo if anyone needs to talk..feel free to bug me..I'll do my best..

mm..ahh..okay I suppose thats it..if I think of something else I'll put it down..